Tips for Families before their Family Photo Shoot

Choose your clothing carefully

Ensure you choose your clothes in advance and make sure that your chosen outfit is comfortable and attractive.  Would you prefer for you family photos to look soft and elegant?  If so, chose neutral colours such as creams and pastels with soft, flowing fabrics.  Want to showcase the fun side of your family?  Choose coordinating colors with bold accent colours. If you are still unsure of what to wear, read our What to wear in Family Photo Shoots blog post.

Be well rested and fed

Don’t show up to a photo shoot on an empty stomach. It’s difficult to have fun when you can’t think about anything else but food and children especially struggle if they haven’t had anything to eat. So if you are planning on eating after the shoot, make sure you have some snacks handy.

Leave plenty of time to get ready

It can be stressful getting everyone ready for a shoot, even more so if young children are involved so make sure you leave plenty of time. There is nothing worse than trying to get pictures representing happy family times when only a few minutes before, there were arguments because one family members wasn’t getting ready quickly enough.

Cheese is for crackers

“Cheese” causes very unnatural smiles and results in strained and often unflattering photographs. Instead of saying “cheese” step back and allow the photographer to naturally interact with your family. This will result in natural, gorgeous smiles. 

Have fun with your family

Don’t be afraid to pick up your children and toss them in the air.  Give your spouse a sweet kiss on the check.  Have fun.  Laugh. Joke.  Doing these things will allow the photographer to capture the emotion and true beauty of your family.  Show your photographer who you really are so that they have the opportunity to capture your love through their lens.