Photo video's

Having recently posted a number of photo video's (also sometimes referred to as slideshows to music or photo DVD) on EVP's Facebook page, a large number of clients have approached us asking if we could create video's for them too. While this is something which we have provided in the past, it is not something which we had actively promoted but we do feel that this is a great way to relive special memories.

What type of photo video's can be created?

We can create photo video's from any type of shoot:

Wedding photo video's  

Usually having a large amount of pictures to choose from, this type of video can vary in length depending on the couple's requirements though our recommended length is around 8 to 10 minutes. The theme and music can be tailored and also include songs special to the couple. They are great for a couple to relive their wedding day but also make for great presents for parents or loved ones who were unable to attend the special day.

Engagement photo video's

A photo video of your engagement can be something great to be shared with your guests on your wedding day if you would like to share some special snaps of yourself. They are also great for those sending their wedding invites electronically as this can be lovey accompaniment to the invites. Sending an electronic invite can save a couple a considerable amount of time and cost while a photo video still allows them to provide something with a personal touch.

Family photo video's

Images from a family shoot are great for a photo video to hold on to that magical family time and make great presents for family members. These tend to be a little shorter, around 3 minutes but can, like any other photo video, be customised to the personal taste of our clients.

Any other photo video's

No matter what type of shoot you have had or would like, we are able to to create a photo video. Just contact us to discus what you are after.

Can you create a photo video from existing photo's?

If you have some old, treasured memories from which you would like a photo video, we may well be able to help you. The length of the video will depend on how many suitable images you have. We will be able to tell you what can be done after viewing your images.

What does a photo video cost?

The cost for a photo video will depend on what type of shoot the video is created from and how may images need processing. It will also depend on whether they are images taken from one of our photo shoots or existing images as these may need additional editing for suitability. For a quote please contact us.