More reasons why Professional Wedding Photographers are SO important to have

In our previous blog ‘Why Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer is SO Important’, we highlighted the importance of why you should hire an experienced professional for your big day but we thought it would be worthwhile to highlight some other reasons too which we hadn’t mentioned:

  • A non-professional won’t carry the relevant back up photography gear with them whereas a professional will. This means that if anything goes wrong with one of their cameras, then they will have another one with them. As these cameras cost thousands of pounds, it is unlikely that your friend will have another one spare somewhere. This also means that professionals will know what to do if the battery runs out or other equipment fails as they will have a back-up plan in place.
  • Your guests won’t always know how to light a dark venue such as a church, country home or barn. Going from a dark venue to a light venue requires you to monitor the light constantly and react by changing ISO, aperture and shutter speed. The same would apply on a particular rainy day and even if it is very sunny.
  • Hiring a professional photographer who doesn’t have experience of weddings can also result in a bad experience. These people won’t know the general running of a wedding day, what happens when and where they need to be for the bet shots. Yes they may photograph landscapes beautifully but do they have experience of moving from group shots to close up shots of flowers all in the same breath?
  • If you get a friend, family member or one of your guests to take the photos, are they really going to be committed to the whole day? Guests will get drunk and a friend with a good camera may not realise the full impact of a wedding. Professionals can start any time from 10am-11am and some don’t finish till 10pm-11pm. Do you really think your friend will keep going for this time? Chances are important shots may well be lost as your friend gets bored and wanders off to enjoy themselves.

If your sole reason for not wanting a professional wedding photographer is cost, why not consider some budget saving tips which we will outline in our next blog?