Survival guide for a Hot Summer Wedding

With temperatures in England finally climbing and making us feel like summer truly is upon us, we thought it would be a good time to share some of our tips on how to make the most out of this heat!

Start drinking early!

By this we actually don’t mean alcohol, rather decorated pitchers with fruit-infused ice water which could be served straight after the ceremony. This will keep your guest cool as well as hydrated and will avoid anyone getting too tipsy before you even had a chance to hear the speeches.

 Ensure you don’t burn your guest’s behinds

Wooden and metal chairs can heat very quickly in hot temperatures which can become uncomfortable to sit on. Having chair cushions or slip covers will prevent your guests from feeling like they are sitting on hot coals.

Stay away from liquid makeup

To avoid any make-up mishaps when it is hot, go with powder-based make-up. There is nothing worse than having to run to the bathroom every 10min to ensure your foundation isn’t running off.

Give your guests a pair of sunglasses

Why not consider giving your guests sunglasses as a wedding favour? Most of your guests’ bags may be too small for sunglasses and nobody wants to have to squint for a whole day. Sunglasses can be purchased for a reasonable price at most high-street clothing retailers so this could be a reasonably priced option.

Put your hair back

Especially with a long mane, your head, neck and face may become too uncomfortable if you leave your hair down. Let air get to your skin and breathe with a tied back or up-do. If you are considering putting flowers in your hair, consider that they won’t have a water source and may therefore wilt quickly.