How to ensure you get amazing wedding pictures even if it rains on your big day

Rain on the most special day of your life can be quite a downer for most brides and grooms. Often couples wonder how they are going to still get good photos if it's raining but in my experience rain can add an incredible dimension to pictures. Here are some tips that I would like to share with those preparing for their big day.

Stay Positive

You might at first be disappointed, or even annoyed, at facing the rain on your wedding day but try not to let it affect your morning preparations because I can assure you, by the time you meet your other half at the altar, surrounded by your nearest and dearest, you will no longer be thinking about the weather. If you can embrace the rain, you will even be able to get some incredibly unique images as rain is brilliant in saturating colours and by backlighting the rain drops, the can show beautifully in your images, giving it that fairy tale look.

Look for areas which can provide beautiful covers, such as awnings, porches and trees

With the worry that can come with the rain, we often forget that there are usually beautiful coverings which we can make part of the images. This means that we are still able to take plenty of images outside without getting wet.

Look for reflections in puddles

If it has been raining particularly heavy and large puddles have formed great! Use them as part of your photo shoot. You can find interesting reflections which make for some truly unique images. Rain gives you the opportunity to break away from the mold to create images which other couples may not get the chance to do.

Use umbrellas as props

Umbrellas not only make for a great addition to the photographs as a prop but they are wonderful at kicking light back down on you and your guests. To avoid having to use umbrellas with ugly colours or patterns and with large advertising plastered across it, we have a few always available and at the ready – just in case.

Tell the story of your wedding with the rain included

Don't try to tell a different story of the wedding day by not including photos of the rain. Embrace the weather and enjoy it. Also remember that it is not very often that it will rain non-stop for hours. You'll typically find a break in the weather, even if just for a few minutes which is enough for us to get the images we may need without the rain.