Survival guide for a Hot Summer Wedding

With temperatures in England finally climbing and making us feel like summer truly is upon us, we thought it would be a good time to share some of our tips on how to make the most out of this heat!

Start drinking early!

By this we actually don’t mean alcohol, rather decorated pitchers with fruit-infused ice water which could be served straight after the ceremony. This will keep your guest cool as well as hydrated and will avoid anyone getting too tipsy before you even had a chance to hear the speeches.

 Ensure you don’t burn your guest’s behinds

Wooden and metal chairs can heat very quickly in hot temperatures which can become uncomfortable to sit on. Having chair cushions or slip covers will prevent your guests from feeling like they are sitting on hot coals.

Stay away from liquid makeup

To avoid any make-up mishaps when it is hot, go with powder-based make-up. There is nothing worse than having to run to the bathroom every 10min to ensure your foundation isn’t running off.

Give your guests a pair of sunglasses

Why not consider giving your guests sunglasses as a wedding favour? Most of your guests’ bags may be too small for sunglasses and nobody wants to have to squint for a whole day. Sunglasses can be purchased for a reasonable price at most high-street clothing retailers so this could be a reasonably priced option.

Put your hair back

Especially with a long mane, your head, neck and face may become too uncomfortable if you leave your hair down. Let air get to your skin and breathe with a tied back or up-do. If you are considering putting flowers in your hair, consider that they won’t have a water source and may therefore wilt quickly.

Being a Wedding Guest SUPERSTAR

You have been invited to share the most special day of someone’s life with them and of course you want to do anything you can to ensure their day goes off without a hitch! Here are a few hints and tips on how to be a Wedding Guest Superstar.

1.       RSVP as soon as possible

When you are invited to someone’s wedding RSVP as soon as you possibly can – don’t leave it until the deadline or even thereafter! The bride and groom are so excited after all their planning to receive the first RSVPs, so why not be the guests to give them that joy? Also, the couple need to make a seating plan and organise the number of meals – the sooner they can make these arrangements the easier for them. Also, RSVP for all the people on the invitation. Only if it says your name “and guest” is it polite to RSVP for a +1. If it says “and family” your reply should make it clear which of your family members will be attending.

2.       Be on time

Never be fashionably late to someone else’s wedding. Only the bride-to-be is allowed to make a show stopping entrance at her wedding. Everyone else should arrive early for the ceremony and be seated by the time the ceremony starts and the bride walks down the aisle.

3.       Avoid wearing white

This is especially important for female wedding guests. Don’t wear white. Just don’t. And please don’t ask the bride if it’s fine to wear white (“because you’ll be beautiful anyway so it’s not like I’ll draw attention from you”…). The bride might feel pressured to say yes but then feel awkward and resentful. Put yourself in her position – asking her just wouldn’t be fair. Similarly, avoid wearing black. If a number of guests make the same move, the event might quickly look like a funeral. And, unless the couple specifies otherwise, it's best to leave your ripped jeans, T-shirt and flip-flops at home.

4.       Don’t take pictures during the ceremony

Having loads of cameras thrust in your face during the ceremony is very distracting and something most venues will even ask you to refrain from. This is such a special moment – take the time to treasure it with the couple. Remember, there is a hired photographer who knows how and when to take the best pictures without distracting the couple or the wedding officials. Before you know it, the ceremony will be over and during the signing of the wedding book, you can take those treasured images.

5.       Be careful when throwing confetti

When throwing confetti ensure you stand back far enough and throw it up and over the couple. If standing too close it is easy enough to hit the couple in the face – something which does happen and if the confetti goes straight into their eyes it will ruin any beautiful pictures the photographer might be able to take.

6.       Monitor your alcohol intake

This probably goes without saying but with alcohol flowing freely on these joyous occasions, it is very easy to have one to many. Whilst there is nothing wrong in having a good time, no one wants to be that guest who makes a complete fool of themselves and no wedding couple wants to deal with a friend or relative who is disrupting their big day because of alcohol.

Easy View Photography presents

Every now and then, Easy View Photography likes to focus on a particular theme for shoots that we do because we enjoy the subject, we find the lighting of interest or we just simply want to give something new a try. Being a huge Star Wars fan, Andy has been keen to experiment with the original Kenner collectibles and has developed somewhat of an obsession with creating portraits of these vintage collectibles within what he would see them to be their natural habitats.

Over the last few months, while refining his skill in shooting these images, Andy has created an entire collection which is now being presented on it's own website -

Please have a browse and feel free to provide us with feedback either via the website or via our new facebook page -

We hope you like our creations!

How to save money on your wedding photography

It’s all very well and good for a photography business to tell customers that they should hire a professional wedding photographer to capture their special day but when on a tight budget, this may well be easier said than done. We therefore thought it would be useful to highlight some of the ways you can save on your photography:

  • Choosing an off-season wedding will help with the budget greatly. Many photographers will consider offering discounts for off-season weddings as these dates are less popular and they are less likely to get booked up quickly. These off season months are November to February and if you contact your chosen photographer and ask them if they could offer some reduction for those months, few are likely to say no to a little reduction. 
  • Book a digital package only. Although it’s nice to have albums, frames and videos, they are items you don’t necessarily need. You could always ask for photography vouchers from your guests as a wedding present and then pay for an album, frame or video this way.
  • If you are still unable to make your budget reach, why not ask friends or family to contribute to the wedding photography as a gift? Most parents or grandparents would be willing to help with the cost of the wedding instead of buying a present as not only do they know it is something which is wanted and useful, it also saves them hours or running around shops trying to find something you might like.
  • Do you know someone else who is getting married and looking for a photographer? If so, ask your photographer if they would consider giving you a referral fee. Then if the other couple also books with your photographer, you may be able to get another £25-50 off your own wng package.
  • Ask your photographer if they take payment plans. Some photographers will allow you to pay in instalments so allowing you to spread the cost of payments. Here at Easy View Photography we have had a number of clients who paid for their photography in this way as this can take away the pressure of having to come up with the entire sum at once.

More reasons why Professional Wedding Photographers are SO important to have

In our previous blog ‘Why Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer is SO Important’, we highlighted the importance of why you should hire an experienced professional for your big day but we thought it would be worthwhile to highlight some other reasons too which we hadn’t mentioned:

  • A non-professional won’t carry the relevant back up photography gear with them whereas a professional will. This means that if anything goes wrong with one of their cameras, then they will have another one with them. As these cameras cost thousands of pounds, it is unlikely that your friend will have another one spare somewhere. This also means that professionals will know what to do if the battery runs out or other equipment fails as they will have a back-up plan in place.
  • Your guests won’t always know how to light a dark venue such as a church, country home or barn. Going from a dark venue to a light venue requires you to monitor the light constantly and react by changing ISO, aperture and shutter speed. The same would apply on a particular rainy day and even if it is very sunny.
  • Hiring a professional photographer who doesn’t have experience of weddings can also result in a bad experience. These people won’t know the general running of a wedding day, what happens when and where they need to be for the bet shots. Yes they may photograph landscapes beautifully but do they have experience of moving from group shots to close up shots of flowers all in the same breath?
  • If you get a friend, family member or one of your guests to take the photos, are they really going to be committed to the whole day? Guests will get drunk and a friend with a good camera may not realise the full impact of a wedding. Professionals can start any time from 10am-11am and some don’t finish till 10pm-11pm. Do you really think your friend will keep going for this time? Chances are important shots may well be lost as your friend gets bored and wanders off to enjoy themselves.

If your sole reason for not wanting a professional wedding photographer is cost, why not consider some budget saving tips which we will outline in our next blog?